One of my guys worked at a Chelsea gallery near you

What if I told you one guy in my class worked at an established gallery in Chelsea, probably handling your art or some of the work you've seen in recent shows? He loved that job, excelled at it. Or that another worked in logistics at the United States Postal Service? And that both did excellent work and had no issues with their employers. 

I'm not often speechless, but their revelations became my revelation. What if they were more like me than I'd let myself see? I know for a fact another participant, a really funny guy with a big smile, lives around the corner from me. How could he?!  If I didn't meet him at Rikers, I'd meet him on the corner when he gets out in July 20, 2017. 

With the status quo, he won't have job, especially not a job in the artworld. These guys are marked to continue to fail. The storyline is if they failed themselves and us first, we'll just keep reminding them of their failures until the break. Yes, two wrongs make a right. 

I have faith one influential person or company, or just one person wanting to make a difference, will put their neck on the line to give one man the chance to prove assumptions wrong. We must stop saying "You need experience in art, but we won't train you or even look at your resume." Their credo, and what sustains their hope, is seeing is believing. Why don't we try seeing them?