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One of my guys worked at a Chelsea gallery near you

What if I told you one guy in my class worked at an established gallery in Chelsea, probably handling your art or some of the work you've seen in recent shows? He loved that job, excelled at it. Or that another worked in logistics at the United States Postal Service? And that both did excellent work and had no issues with their employers. 

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What men at Rikers think of the NYC Contemporary Artworld

On May 9, 2017, I started Oppression, Expression, Profession: The New York Contemporary Artworld, a class at Rikers to show these men a future they wished they'd known as boys. We got a few guys from Sunset Park, more from the Bronx and the rest from hoods I'd never heard of. Looks like both sides knew where the line was drawn. Despite their place in life, and right now that was on child-sized bright blue chairs they'd set up without delay in the gym, their eyes burned curiosity, a desire to know the world from a different framework.

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