Lydia Kutko Art Consulting
Lydia Kutko Art Consulting
New York City Art Advisor and Art Consultant


We advise on art market trends and leverage a deep network of relationships to achieve your objectives.

Our curatorial approach cuts through fleeting trends to bring exceptional artwork and installations into homes, offices, galleries, commercial, residential and public spaces. Lydia Kutko Art Consulting serves the contemporary art collector with advanced qualifications in the art market and foundational expertise in Postwar and Contemporary art.


Residential Art Services

We recognize the importance of the fine art expression to enhance solid interior design.

Our clients benefit from the overall effect of bespoke contemporary art that is both meaningful and memorable. Our consultation works with your design vision, presenting the best Postwar and Contemporary art that suits your space and desired price-point.

How we help

  • We spend time to understand your style and present art that fits your design objectives.

  • We access desirable art and negotiate insider prices on your behalf.

  • We advise on the entire process from acquisition to installation.

We stand for the art buyer whose off-duty time is limited. Not willing to sacrifice owning extraordinary art, our clients deserve a streamlined process.  Whether you’re looking for your first piece or to add to an already established collection, we present art that maximizes viewing pleasure and cultural value.


Corporate Art Services

Our creative vision can be seen in some of New York’s most iconic commercial, luxury residential and hospitality environments.  


Whether a single piece or multi-work curation, our team’s ability to maximize your project’s budget and curate temporary or permanent installations that enhance your brand is always the focus. We organize all logistics from presentation to installation.

Our Clients Include

  • Building Lobbies

  • Luxury Residential

  • Corporate Offices

  • Hospitality

  • Commercial Real Estate


Curatorial Services

We produce exciting installations and events that showcase creative talent.

Our Practice Includes

  • Popup Art Exhibits
  • Public Installations
  • Philanthropy and Charity Auctions
  • Lectures, Courses, and Speaking Engagements
  • Staging and Event Branding
  • Custom Tailored Programming

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