Art Consulting Career Coaching Intensive

Art Consulting Career Coaching Intensive


We’ve designed this Career Intensive to teach you how to start your own firm, or simply get hired. Join me as I share how I developed my business and how agility and vision are key components to consulting success.

How are you better than the competition? It’s time to figure out your unique selling proposition.

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October 10, 2018
9 - 12pm
110 E 25th St, New York, NY

Come prepared to unlock how to get hired or how to start your own consulting business. Listen as Lydia busts myths and opens doors to what consulting can really be in 2019 and how you can make money in sectors often overlooked.

  • What is art consulting, really? It’s more than decorating and it’s more than working with expensive, beautiful objects.

  • Why hire you? Thanks for applying but what can you really do for us? This is so overlooked and is #1 priority

  • Why or why aren’t you ready to start your own consulting business? We identify characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and how you can use that to establish yourself as a professional consultant in this niche business.

Vision board and break out session with Lydia:

  • What problems will you solve for the consulting firm you’re applying to? What is your strongest skill, and how can you parlay that into a job role?

  • What outside-the-box services can you offer clients? What new opportunities do you see in the market?

  • How do you recognize artistic talent? How can you spot an artist who has mass appeal or who is more niche?

  • What 3 action items will you complete within 1 month of this course?